So, what does a background check include?

Our background checks consists of various elements, depending on which type of background check that is ordered. To be able to answer the question “What does a background check include?” we have to take in to account if it’s a Swedish or International background check and which type of role that is to be filled. The basic level of Swedish background checks contains legal matters, financial data and identity verification. The basic level of international background checks contains almost the same, but also a global compliance database search and a directors search.

Depending on which role you are recruiting for or what position the person you need to background check has, you can choose between different research levels. Every report can be tailored to the need for history and number of sources (public sources), and is supplemented with specific research related to the scope of the role. For example we may verify studies, former workplaces and driving-license. However, one shouldn’t try to find out everything just because one can. That is our starting point. The role a person is applying for and the actual needs of your company are the only factors governing what level of background check we choose to perform.

The resulting ToFindOut report, together with the customer’s own recruiting and decision making process, serves as a high quality basis for sound and informed decision making. Altogether, the collaboration between ToFindOut and our customers creates the conditions needed for safer work places.

What does a background check include?
What does a background check include?

According to the industry organization Bakgrundskontrollföretagen (BKF) (of which we are of course members), a background check for a fair recruitment should contain at least the following parts:

  • Verification of identity
  • Financial data
  • Legal Matters

Members of BKF are also obliged to follow ethical guidelines and good practice.

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