Hello, candidate!

A background check = good news!

You have moved forward in the recruitment process, and are perhaps on your way to a new job. Congratulations! To take part in the backgrounds check, please follow the instructions sent to you by email. We only proceed with a background check if you agree to it. Your integrity is our highest priority and we handle your information with great care. You can count on it. A lot of questions usually come up. That’s why we have made a list where we provide answers to the most common questions. You can also contact us, of course!

If you haven’t participated in a background check before or have any questions and concerns, we recommend that you read the information on this page before getting started.

We care about your privacy, a lot.

Your personal integrity is central to our processes and the contents of our reports. We comply with all General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, and always require your written consent before starting an assignment. During the research period, you will have access to a personal web portal. There, you can find confirmation of your consent, a Q&A forum, information about when the report will be complete, your own personal copy of the report, as well as the possibility to revoke previously submitted consent.


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