ToFindOut’s operations during the existing and current pandemic due to the coronavirus

Fully aware that new recruits and employments are not the main focus these days, ToFindOut still wants to send information about our ongoing business. The background check process is an important routine and is part of many of our clients’ security work where continuity protocol needs to be in place. An important part of our customers’ need for background checks is also within the framework of ongoing compliance, which is why this clarifying information letter is important that you receive.

First, we want to inform that ToFindOut is fully operational and our business continuity program has have been initiated and functional.  All our business and background control processes are operational and we have the capacity to deliver incoming requests for all our services. We are obviously affected by the ongoing pandemic, with many of our customers also adapting to the current situation, and making some but minor adjustments. Our Operations Group is fully staffed, but response times via e-mail and telephone can be slightly delayed.

We closely monitor the world around us and keep in touch with our most current source contacts and various countries’ handling of the pandemic. We also want to thank our customers for the understanding and acceptance you have shown, as some sources outside Sweden may be delayed due to national “lock downs” which are also subject to some modification. For example, we have had some delay in parts of the CV verification of Danish former employers, but we of course monitor and keep all parties informed along the process. Surprisingly, many countries’ authorities and institutions are in full operation, which applies to Sweden to a great extent. But this can go both up and down given the time, geography and sources.

Key activities and actions taken in response to the corona pandemic are as follows:

  • Management and organization are intact and the first focus is to manage ToFindOuts’ customers and candidates’ processes
  • Our opening hours until further notice are 9-16 on all weekdays, the day before the red day at 9-12
  • Continuously monitor and keep in touch with our partners and subcontractors• We primarily conduct our meetings via Skype and Teams
  • We advise against travel in the service• Our staff follows established routines for safe remote working as long as this is needed
  • There is also staffing in our office
  • We support each other in a different everyday life, respecting the authorities’ guidelines and recommendations for social distance, hygiene and health to minimize risk.

Thank you for supporting us, let’s keep in touch.

Thoughtful greetings from Birgitta Edlund and staff at ToFindOut