Background checks are becoming more and more common. Not only due to new regulations but also due to the sheer quality aspect of the employments.

Trust is everything today. Background checks are more or less a requirement if you want to build a successful company and a reliable brand. New regulations, in sectors like banking and insurance, makes it more or less obligatory for companies to implement background checks. For example, 98 percent of American employers chooses to conduct background checks on candidates, partly due to their strict regulations and partly to build a trustworthy brand.

Studies have shown that trust is more important than ever for customers. However, achieving trust requires hard work and dedication. One thing is for sure. The reputation of the people and companies that surrounds you will reflect on your brand as well. Make sure to work with the best to become the best. 

What are your ambitions?

If you consider expanding to the global market, you should be aware that the jurisdictions differ quite a lot compared to the Swedish market. Performing background checks on candidates as well as on current employees might be a necessity if you want to establish your business abroad. This is also an aspect that potential business partners will judge you by. Create goodwill to avoid badwill. Having a solid business culture where reliability is a key aspect will make your brand more attractive in the eyes of people around you.

Consider how your organization might have to adapt to new markets and compile a policy for any changes that need to be made. A good advice is to take a look at the ISO standards, especially ISO standard 27001 about information security. By fulfilling these standards, you can be sure that your company is adapted to almost every market in the world. Needless to say that background checks are a fundamental requirement for this.

Even though these regulations may not affect you directly, you might still need to adapt your business to your customers needs. More companies than ever require their partners to fulfill certain security aspects in order to make sure that their business is a serious one. If you are not capable of meeting these requirements, you may miss out on important business opportunities.