Just like our Clients, we at ToFindOut are guided by values that help us make the right decisions in everyday life. Central to us is our belief in the integrity of the individual, and we are therefore meticulous in complying with existing laws and regulations. Our ethics extend to our Candidates, Clients and Partners, but they also govern our internal day-to-day conduct.

Why you should choose ToFindOut

Employers engage ToFindOut to receive a simple solution to a complex problem. This can be summed up in three main points:


Respect for the integrity of the individual

The Candidate’s personal integrity is central to our processes and reports. We comply with all the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR - Dataskyddsförordningen) and we always require the Candidate’s written consent before starting a screening. During the course of the screening, the Candidate has access to a personal web portal which contains confirmation of the written consent, an individual forum for queries, information on the deadline of the report, the Candidate’s own copy of the report as well as the option to withdraw the consent.


Quality-assured methodology for delivery

ToFindOut verifies facts from sources available to the public along with the Candidate’s own particulars. We obtain our data from confirmed sources. Should the Candidate nevertheless notice an error in the report, we will confirm with the original source and amend the report as necessary. All the personal data we handle is deleted upon delivery and is treated with the utmost care throughout the process. Our qualified researchers work methodically to ensure every source of information is quality assured. ToFindOut’s reports do not include any recommendations of any kind.


User-friendly and secure web portal

As a Client you’ll receive your own account and login details and instant access to the TFO web portal where you can manage all your orders. This means safe and secure handling of personal data, allowing for efficient and professional service. In the web portal you will also find templates and other useful tools.

Combined with your own recruitment process, ToFindOut’s screenings enable top quality decision making and help ensure long-term trust between your company and the Candidate.

Maria Dahlberg

"It felt reassuring with a background screening. I didn’t have a problem with it as I was entitled to give my consent initially and I was informed about exactly what was to be checked."

Maria Dahlberg

Consultant EnterCard (TNG)

Anders Fritz

"We are experts in recruitment and financial consulting services. In order for us to safeguard our recruitment process, it’s important to use the best background screenings in the market. ToFindOut’s services provide a deeper dialogue with both candidates and clients and are important for quality assurance. In our role as recruitment consultants it offers us better communication and more satisfied customers."

Anders Fritz

CEO Invici